February 26, 2018 nosheenirshad

Gulsher’s Story : From Cancer to Hope

Despite the facilities and donations available at the hospital, patients often shy away from much-required follow-up care. Due to poverty and lack of awareness, it is often felt that one operation is a one-time fix for their problem. Even if this is not the case, they are not able to get the care they need.

Gulsher is one such case. He came to Surgical Unit 4 in 2010 and was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He was operated on successfully. However, by not following through with the required treatment of chemotherapy, he was not able to fully recover and came back to Surgical Unit 4 after 2 years in a terrible state. His cancer had reverted back and he needed intensive treatment. Abandoned by his two children, and due to financial restraints, Nigahban was his last hope. He wanted to continue living for his wife. The motivated doctors and modern technology helped him recover. His treatment restarted at Surgical Unit 4 and he was referred to a chemotherapy center so that could regain health and live a healthy life.