The Surgical Unit 4 at Civil Hospital consists of a team of dedicated surgeons and gastroenterologists providing advanced endoscopic services free of cost. The Endoscopy faculty is also actively involved in the teaching and training of postgraduates and gastroenterology fellows.

Our History

The Endoscopy unit at Surgical Unit 4 was established in October 2006, with an aim to provide endoscopic services, including upper and lower GI endoscopies and ERCPs to poor patients in Sindh. The Unit rapidly grew, and acquired advanced endoscopy facilities, such as Capsule endoscopy, Entersocopy, EUS, Spy Glass, Mobility and PH services, which were not even available in Government sector hospitals and most private sector hospital.

The short video highlights the concept behind the Endoscopy unit, and its rapid growth.


Provide free of cost advanced endoscopy services to underprivileged communities in Pakistan through a dedicated and well-trained team equipped with state of art technology.

Provide opportunities for research and training in both basic and advanced endoscopy techniques with the aim of improving standards of endoscopy throughout Pakistan.