International Collaborations

  • Mersey School of Endoscopy

    The Mersey School of Endoscopy, located in Liverpool, United Kingdom, has been granted status as an official training center by the Joint Advisory Group on Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (JAG). The training center offers courses throughout the year, including the full range of Basic Skills JAG courses (those considered essential for endoscopists seeking accreditation) and a wide range of other specialist and advanced courses: PEG insertion, GI Bleeding, Polypectomy, Upper GI Therapeutic, Colonoscopy Skills Improvement and the Pre-Bowel Cancer Screening Accreditation Course. The Center is equipped with a comprehensive range of endoscopy training models and computer simulators, and a faculty of skilled trainers based in Liverpool, supplemented by experts from other major centers, and visiting faculty from throughout the North West.

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  • West Midlands Endoscopy Training Centre

    The West Midlands Endoscopy Training Centre, located in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom, has been delivering endoscopy training courses for over 20 years and was one of ten original Regional Endoscopy Training Centres developed within England. The center delivers over 25 JAG approved courses per year: Basic Upper and Lower GI Endoscopy, Flexible sigmoidoscopy courses to support Bowel scope, Training the Trainer courses as well as a number of specialist courses including: Polypectomy (both porcine model and patient courses), Colonoscopy Upskilling and the Pre-Bowel Cancer Screening Accreditation Course. West Midlands Endoscopy Training Centre is one of 4 assessment centres for Bowel Cancer Screening Accreditation in the UK.

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