Patient Stories

  • Erum’s Story

    Living in areas with poor access to healthcare facilities, many ailments go undiagnosed, or at times worse – misdiagnosed. Erum continued to get weaker despite consuming food; and unable to conceptualize the problem, her suffering saw no respite.

    At just age 32 and a mother of two, only when brought to Civil Hospital she was diagnosed with stage four esophagus cancer. Through six months of intensive treatment and procedures, her recovery was supported and financed.

  • Gulsher’s Story : From Cancer to Hope

    Despite the facilities and donations available at the hospital, patients often shy away from much-required follow-up care. Due to poverty and lack of awareness, it is often felt that one operation is a one-time fix for their problem. Even if this is not the case, they are not able to get the care they need.

    Gulsher is one such case. He came to Surgical Unit 4 in 2010 and was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He was operated on successfully. However, by not following through with the required treatment of chemotherapy, he was not able to fully recover and came back to Surgical Unit 4 after 2 years in a terrible state. His cancer had reverted back and he needed intensive treatment. Abandoned by his two children, and due to financial restraints, Nigahban was his last hope. He wanted to continue living for his wife. The motivated doctors and modern technology helped him recover. His treatment restarted at Surgical Unit 4 and he was referred to a chemotherapy center so that could regain health and live a healthy life.

  • Meher Bibi’s Story : Back to Balochistan, fully healed

    Meher Bibi, was suffering from obstructive jaundice when she was brought to Surgical Unit 4, from Khuzdar, Balochistan. Her grandson, a daily wage laborer has sold all his assets in Khuzdar to pay for her medical treatment and brought her to Nigahban as his last hope. Meher Bibi was admitted at Surgical Unit 4 till she fully recovered. Following her successful treatment, her grandson expressed his profuse gratitude to the staff for taking such good care of his grandmother. The two then departed back to Khuzdar, healthy and cured.

  • Naikh Muhammad’s Story : Healed with a Smile

    Naikh Muhammad, 55, residing in Khuaja Ajmair Nagri came to Nigahban suffering from Hernia. He had been abandoned by his family and did not have the financial resources to seek a treatment. When admitted to Surgical Unit 4, he brought about liveliness to the ward through his humor and smiling face, despite suffering from terrible bouts of pain. The operation of his hernia brought about unimaginable happiness to him.

  • Noman’s Story : I could not understand what was wrong with me

    Twenty-year old Noman suffered from severe external and internal injuries when his bike crashed into a barrier. He developed excruciating pain due to damage to his colon, but and this was not identified previously due to the lack of expertise.

    His family could not afford the hefty sum of Rs 50,000 to repair his damaged colon, and he was brought to Surgical Unit 4 for treatment. He was immediately admitted and his colonoscopy was conducted. He stayed at Surgical Unit 4 for one month for his reversal colostomy. He was able to return home healed and able to continue a normal, healthy life.

  • Umer’s Story : Relieving a child of his pain

    For six years, Umer’s parents spent most of their time shuttling him between hospitals and clinics. They were helpless as they watched one of their seven children be debilitated by his sickness, and unable to enjoy the same activities that the rest of their children did. Umer’s pain was so severe that his sleep was disturbed many nights, and attendance at school slipped. Their limitation to helping their son stemmed from their financial incapability and inaccess to proper diagnostic services.

    Umer was even operated on, but due to the procedure not targeting the root cause of his pain, this eventually evolved into cancer of the gall bladder. When he finally was brought to Civil Hospital for help, using technology inaccessible to the family, which is common for so many of us, the doctors at Surgical Unit 4 were able to conduct a thorough investigation on Umer and correctly identify his ailment. Using machines and funds acquired through the benevolence of so many donors, he was able to receive this treatment and begin his journey to battle the cancer.