“I am amazed at the level of professionalism and care that I received at Surgical Unit 4.”

- Zakir

“When my mother was ill and I could not afford to take her to a private hospital, the doctors at Civil saved my mother’s life and did not ask me for any payment. I owe them everything”

- Salman

“I had a lot of pain in my stomach because of which I could not sleep at night or go to school. My father brought me to Civil Hospital and they told me I had cancer. I hope to get better soon.”

- Umer

“The ERCP training I attended in March 2016 was one of the best hands on training I have ever received. It was very exciting to be in the forefront of such cutting edge technology”

- Zubair

“I attended a colonscopy training in June 205. The instructors were very attentive and helpful in guiding us through the processes”.

- Sameena